About the company

SIA 'Centrālā laboratorija' started operating in 1994 and has now become one of the largest and most modern laboratories in the Baltics with 50 branches and more than 300 employees.

On May 2, 2015, the laboratory was evaluated in accordance with the LVS EN ISO 15189: 2013 standard in the following areas: hematology, biochemistry, coagulology, immunology, cytology, microbiology, virology, parasitology, molecular biology - DNA testing.

Accreditation certificate LATAK-M-434-04-2011.

The latest technologies and equipment are used for analyzes - Architect 16000 series clinical chemistry analyzers, Sysmex XN 9000 hematology analyzers, Cobas e411, Imulite 2000XPi, Liaison XL, Alegria, VirClia, etc. immunochemical analyzers, Cobas 6500 and Cobas u611 urine analyzers, Sysmex CA-1500 series coagulus analyzers, as well as other analyzers for specific analyzes.

Laboratory information system SmartLis (Switzerland) is the most modern and the only system of its kind in the Baltics, with more than 100 workstations.

The laboratory has an extensive logistics network, which provides transport of the investigated material throughout Latvia.

The laboratory regularly and successfully participates in international external quality control programs:
• Labquality (Finland)
• UK NEQAS (United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Schemes)
• EARSS (European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System)
• QCS (Quality Control Service), Roche Diagnostics (France)
• RIQAS (Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme)

Laboratory staff is constantly improving their qualifications by participating in international seminars, conferences and in-house seminars.

Our policies and goals

Scope of quality policy
The widest range of clinical diagnostic laboratory tests.

To provide customer-friendly, safe, functionally modern, high-quality laboratory services and customer service, improving operations to offer complex solutions.

Quality policy
In its activities, the laboratory proves its ability to constantly and continuously offer a high-quality and affordable service that meets the wishes and regulated requirements of customers, applying high professional skills and modern investigation technologies in its field of activity.